Turn- und Sportverein Dietkirchen 1911 e.V.


Colours of the association: Red-Black – Association home: Am Sportplatz – phone.: 06431/73581

Soccer - Table tennis - Gymnastics - Walking

Self-manifestation of the TuS:


Founded in the year 1911, at present over 750 members are spread on the four departments doing gymnastics - football - table tennis - walking. Proud however is the association on its 287 children and young people, which already means an enormous number for a place such as Dietkirchen.

The association points out that the youth work is also one if it's major tasks.

Orientation at the social problems of the village and the integration of foreign children and adults are located in the focal point of the association work of the TuS Dietkirchen. Social responsibility, whereupon the association puts to largest value, should not called however „Sozialamt“ or „Kinderaufbewahrungsstaette“, but an active being tohether and co-operation..

Thus the football crews of the TuS Dietkirchen starting with the Mini Kickers up to the A-youth also apply as absolute signs in the association. 17 honorary responsible persons helps the new generation kickers and are pleased from week to week on their plays.

1987 the youth department of the TuS Dietkirchen was honoured with the „Sepp-Herberger-Preis" for their exemplary work.

The first and second football crew plays at present in the A-league Limburg-Weilburg, whereby the play committee with perseverance and sporty arguments succeeded to integrate good youth players from the own association into the senior teams. The association offers to the young people a perspective and points out clearly that each offer of another club insisting on financial criteria does not have to be of advantage also for the soccer player.

In addition, important support in the TuS Dietkirchen are the old gentleman soccer players, who likewise follow to a regulated play operation and promote in the context of the many events in the village the social community.

Twice per week the local village community center is occupied in Dietkirchen by the participants of the table tennis department. After long period of reduced circumstances in this year again two youth crews were integrated into the play happening. The two senior crews are located in the appropriate "Kreis"-leagues, in the coming year is for the first time also a lady crew playing for points. Due to the direct youth work the table tennis sport in the association possesses a good basis, so that surely also in the future new talents for the association can be won.

Strongest growth has to register the gymnastic department in the passed years however, since above all the offers within the area childs doing gymnastics could be developed step by step. Meanwhile the TuS Dietkirchen has six groups of dances, five gymanstic groups, in addition comes for young woman the area "Fitnessgymnastik", as well as gymnastic for women and man doing gymnastics.

The groups of dances are in the course of the year at the association-own meetings like the traditional "Winterfest", the carneval campaign or other festivities with their dances always most welcomed seen guests and represent the TuS Dietkirchen thus also far beyond the boundaries of the village.

A new offering of the TuS is a power gym team for girls. After over 30 years we have been again succeeded to build up a power gym team for girls in the age of 6 to 12 years.

The smallest department in the association is the group of walkers, which has to align two large meetings annually with the moving days in January and the people swimming in May. The TuS walkers enjoy a high reputation with their friends from the entire Federal Republic.

Of twelve women at the moment the group of layman players consists. In the meantime far beyond Dietkirchen it got around itself that those hobby –players are able, to pull even the TV indulged children 90 minutes long into their spell. Proceeds of this performance are always supplied to a good purpose, from which also children directly profit.

The Council of Elders in the association created in the meantime a table reserved for regulars also for the older members of the TuS Dietkirchen, which on the last Friday of a month above all unites the old soccer players and other sport-interested members in the restaurant of the village community center .

Thus it may be balanced altogether that the commitment of the TuS Dietkirchen covers an extremely broad spectrum of an intensive youth work over innumerable activities up to the cultural area.

We would be pleased, if you find interest in our association. Contact the appropriate department manager, who informs you about the training times of the individual departments.