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History of the organization
Organization calendar
Choir conductor

* 75 years man choral society "Liederkranz" Dietkirchen, celebration book from the year 1975
* 100 years man choral society "Liederkranz" Dietkirchen, celebration book from the year 2000
* private archive NNP Ludwig Ries/Dietkirchen
* private archive "Rund um die Domstadt" Ludwig Ries/Dietkirchen 


History of the organization 

This is the MGV "Liederkranz" 100 years song from man throats, united in an organization, in its anniversary year 2000.

This organization in 2000 counted 37 active and 132 passive ones members 100 years after the organization become founded officially on February 1st, 1900, according to the still available statutes.
In the first meeting of the organization which took place on February, 13th 1900 in the "Gasthaus zum Reckenforst" the butchers Josef Fritz was elected as the president, first conductor was Georg Stutzer who also was born in Dietkirchen.

Sociability in the form of family evenings or theater games as well as masked balls and "Bunte Abende" during carneval time showed the engagements of the organization and its members for the village community.

The two World Wars took her victims also from the rows of the Liederkranz. Five singers remains on the battlefields in the 1st World War in the 2nd World War 16 fallen and 3 missing people were to lament within the Liederkranz.

Within the years after the war the reconstruction of the organization followed which contained the tradition of playing theater games besides the singing again, too.

Radio concerts and singing contests belonged in the Fifties and Sixties to the outstanding activities of the organization.
Regular excursions also suited the organization family program into the 70s and 80s besides the singing.

The 90s were stamped primarily by the participation at the respective "Dickerischer Maat" in the sociable life.

Further tradition was created by the organization in form of the "Lahnfest" event which could be celebrated in 1998 for the 30th time and it isn't to spirit away any more from the villages event calender. 

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Organization calendar 

01.02.1900 Foundation of the organization man choral society Liederkranz 
13.02.1900 1. Meeting of the organization with election of the organizations leadership
1900 Singing contest in Dehrn with winning the 2. prize in class C
1901 Singing contest in Koblenz
17.11.1901 Decision of the acquisition of an organization flag 
03.-04.08.1902 Festively consecration of the flag with participation of all village organizations and also neighboring choral societies 
1910 Clear increase of the choir performance and the choir strength under the unforgotten conductor and con-founder of the organization Theodor Hannappel 
January 1912 clear increase of the choir performance and the choir strength under the unforgotten conductor and con-founder of the organization Theodor Hannappel 
27.05.1912 1st price in the choir class where started and 1st honorial prize in Wetzlar-Niedergirmes 
08.06.1913 Song competition in Niedershausen near Löhnberg, 2nd price in the class and 1st honoric prize 
14.06.1914 Song competition in Eschbach near Usingen, 3rd honoric prize 
1914-1918 1. World War, Death of 5 members of the organization 
10.03.1919 1st general meeting after 5 years 
02.07.1922 Song competition in Freiendiez, the 1st class price, 1st honoric prize, 2. highest honoric prize 
1923 1st chairman Heinrich Eufinger, first no foundation member 
1923 Heinrich Hannappel, son of the conductor Theodor Hannappel takes the choir with 21 years as a new conductor 
23.06.1923 Member number reaches 100 
1925 Celebration of the 25-year existence at the 1. and 2. Pfingstfeiertag in a marquee taking hold of one thousand visitors
16 organizations take part in the group singing on the 2nd day
36 organizations participate in the procession 
04.07.1926 Participation in the song competition in Lindenholzhausen
- four 1st prices and a state price
18.06.1928 Participation in the song competition in Leigestern 
- four 1st prices 
1930 Practice of the chorus act "Hagen" of Mathie Neumann for a song competition taking place with 52 singers on June, 9th 1930 in Nentershausen
- three 1st prices and 
- one 2nd price 
1933 Take-over of the National Socialists aggravates the organization life by bans and commandments 
19.07.1935 Community concert of the male-voice choirs of the conductor Heinrich Hannappel with approx. 300 singers in the Paulinenschlösschen in Wiesbaden (Liederkranz Dietkirchen, Germania Elz, Eintracht Limburg, Harmonia Staffel, Teutonia Villmar) 
11.12.1938 Broadcast singing with 45 singers in a live broadcast of the Reichssender in Frankfurt 
July 1939 Con-arrangement and support of the 100 year celebration of the brother organization Cäcilia 
1939-1945 2. World War, Death of 16 members of the organization 
22.07.1945 First singing lesson after the war with 23 singers under Theodor Hannappel 
11.11.1945 Message of the death of the conductor Heinrich Hannappel within war captivity 
24.11.1945 First after-war general meeting with choice of Jakob Pötz to the 1st chairman 
08.03.1946 New conductor Willi Sittel/Niederselters who, however, resigned as conductor because of the difficult traffic and supply relationships of that time in September 1947
10.10.1947 Take-over of the choir management by Theodor Lebeda 
January 1948 done four times performance of the play "Die deutschen Kleinstädter" 
November 1949 done four times performance of the lyrical drama "Rheinische Liebe-Rheinischer Wein" 
1950 Refusal of a planned song competition to the 50 Jahrfeier 
28.05.1950 Gala concert in the hall "Zur Stadt Limburg" 
08.07.1951 Participation in the song competition in Kelkheim
- a 2nd price and 
- two 3rd prices 
December 1951 twice repeated performance of the play "Das Gefängnis" 
Mai 1952 twice repeated performance of the comedy "Ex - Temporale" in front of sold out house in the hall "Zur Stadt Limburg" 
13.07.1952 Participation in a song competition in Niederbrechen with four 1st prices 
07.06.1954 Participation in a song competition in Niedersaulheim with four 1st prices
Achieving the highest complete score of all competition participants with 360 points 
01.08.1954 Concert in the radio program "Stunde des Chorgesanges" in the Hessian broadcast 
25.-27.06. 1955
Consecration of the new organization flag
Festoon ceremony
Procession and gala concert with 15 participating choirs
Celebration Monday, all 3 days at marvellous summer weather 
14.05.1957 Participation in the song competition in Kiedrich 
- three 1st prices and 
- a 2nd price 
17.07.1960 Participation in the song competition in Frickhofen
- four 1st prices and 
- a state price 
11.06.1962 Participation in the song competition in Bodenheim/Rhein
- four 1st prices
- Reach the highest complete score of all competition participant and winning of the master price 
18.04.1964 Recording of a broadcast singing at the broadcast in Frankfurt
24.05.1964 Transmitting of the radio program recorded on April, 4th 1964 
17.06.1965 Participation in the song competition in Münster near Dieburg
- three 3rd prices 
07.11.1965 Transmitting of the radio program recorded on April, 4th 1964 
07.07.1968 First river Lahn festival
27.07.1969 Transmitting of the radio program recorded on April, 4th 1964 
27.-30.06.1975 1st day festoon ceremony according to the 75-year existence with four choirs and the Limburger orchestra union
2nd day group singing with participation of 11 choirs
3rd day title evaluation singing with 10 choirs 
1980 Event of a autumn concert in the village community house with four choirs and a soloist 
1982  Execution of the circle singer day in the village community house with delegates from over 60 organizations 
1989 Execution of the circle singer day in the village community house with delegates from over 60 organizations 
1989 Parting from Kapellmeister Theodor Lebeda, who retires after over 42 years as a conductor
22.05.1989 First singing hour with the new choir conductor Dr Michael Jung.
Autumn 1990 90 anniversary of the choir with "Geistlicher Abendmusik" in the Lubentius Basilika with 2 choirs, a female soloist and an organists
1994 Despite reject of a planned concert in the Prager church "Holy Virgin Maria Schnee" two pieces of singing are sung, in order to enjoy the marvelous acoustics of the church
October 1994 Participation in the "1. Historical market "in Dietkirchen.
1995 Participation in concerts in Villmar, Burgschwalbach, Elbgrund and the group concert of the Choir Friends Limburg from cause their 100 years existence
23.10.1995 Last singing-rehearses in club premises "Zum Reckenforst", also named the "Apothek", because of final closing of the restaurant. 95 years long the loyalty had been held for the restaurant.
September 1996 Participation in the first Castle celebration of the "Sängerbund Dehrn" in the yard of the Dehrner Castle
1997 Valuation-sing at the "Frauenchor Kettenbach" from cause of their 25-year old anniversary. Altogether 32 choirs participate.
Oktober 1997 Participation in the "2. Historical market "in Dietkirchen.
Juli 1998 Celebration of the 30. "Lahnfest".
1998 Federal performance-sing in Erbach/Odenwald with a good average position
29.11.1998 First cut of the spade for the building of an association-own storage hall
1999 Dr Michael Jung leads 10 years the choir.
09.07.1999 Inauguration of the new storage hall by priest Staudt. Praise words by mayor Martin Richard and local chief Kurt van der Burg.
26.07.1999 Death of the 1 Chairman and honour member Willi Burggraf.
September 1999 Participation in the cup people song competition in Nentershausen with 25 singers In its class the choir acquired the 1. Price in the class singing as well as in the highest honour singing and the 1. Conductor price. 175 of 180 attainable points represents the daily maximum valuation of all 21 participation choirs.
1998/1999 Preparation of the 100 year celebration
19.03.2000 Academic celebration in the village community center
27.05.2000 Group concert of the group III in the village community center with 15 choirs
28.05.2000 Friendship-sing in the village community center with 14 choirs
11.06.2000 Act of handing over of the "Zelterplakette" from cause of 100 years of existence at the Hessen day in Huenfeld near Fulda
30.06.-02.07.2000 Start of the "Lahnfest" with a discotheque evening
22.10.2000 Church concert with 2 choirs, the Limburger orchestra union and a female soloist

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Chairmans von bis
Fritz Josef 1900 1903
Wolf Josef 1903 1907
Schuy Johann 1907 1909
Muth Wilhelm-August 1909 1910
Schmitt Heinrich 1910 1923
Eufinger Heinrich 1923 1925
Schmitt Karl 1925 1928
Eufinger Heinrich 1928 1930
Schmitt Heinrich 1930 1935
Eufinger Heinrich 1935 1943
Schmitt Josef 1943 1945
Pötz Jakob 1945 1952
Schmitt Johann-Michael 1952 1954
Eufinger Paul 1954 1959
Schuy Willy 1959 1962
Burggraf Willi 1962 1981
Eufinger Theo 1981 1986
Fiebig Paul 1986 1989
Rosbach Bernhard
(temporarily as 2. chairman)
1989 1990
Rosbach Bernhard 1990 1994
Burggraf Willi 1994 1999
Keuter Hans-Dieter 1999 dato

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Choir conductor

Stutzer Georg 1900 1904
Grohs Willi 1904 1907
Langenberg W. 1907 1908
Feldes Teacher; First name not known  1908 1909
Stutzer Georg 1909 1910
Hannappel Theodor 1910 1923
Hannappel Heinrich 1923 1945
Hannappel Theodor 1945 1946
Sittel Willi 1946 1947
Lebeda Theodor 1947 1989
Jung Michael Dr. 1989 dato

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Destination Participants from until
Orsingen 50 09.05.1969 11.05.1969
Holland 100 01.05.1971 02.05.1971
Orsingen 100 29.04.1972 01.05.1972
Wallgau 104 31.05.1973 03.06.1973
Morschach 116 23.05.1974 26.05.1974
Marktschellenberg 112 04.06.1976 08.06.1976
Bolsterlang 115 19.05.1977 23.05.1977
St. Anton 90 12.05.1978 16.05.1978
Muggenbrunn 83 24.05.1979 27.05.1979
Preetz 100 15.05.1980 19.05.1980
Spiegelau 100 28.05.1981 01.06.1981
Esens 108 20.05.1982 24.05.1982
Hamburg 53 (active singers) 16.06.1983 19.06.1983
St. Johann 83 31.05.1984 04.06.1984
Bergen 65 16.05.1985 20.05.1985
Niederdorf 52 08.05.1986 12.05.1986
Schladming 44 28.05.1987 01.06.1987
Damüls 50 12.05.1988 16.05.1988
Torbole 70 04.05.1989 08.05.1989
Pertisau 62 24.05.1990 28.05.1990
Feld am See 39 08.05.1991 12.05.1991
Fehrenbach 87 01.05.1992 03.05.1992
Orsingen/Stockach 68 07.05.1993 09.05.1993
Prag 56 15.09.1994 18.09.1994
Saarlouis 31 15.09.1995 17.09.1995
Spreewald 46 16.05.1996 19.05.1996
Ravensburg/Orsingen 51 27.06.1997 29.06.1997
Münsterland 23 21.05.1998 24.05.1998

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Homeland song

Song written by the club member and singer Bernd Hahn:

Dietkirchen, meine Heimat
Zwischen Westerwald und Taunushöhn, liegt das Lahntal wunderschön,
wo auf hoher steiler Felsenwand, Dietkirch's Kirch als Bollwerk steht
Wo an beiden Ufern von der Lahn, bunte Wiesen saftig grün
hab ich als kleines Kind oft gespielt, daran denk ich gern zurück.
Bin gereist im ganzen Land umher, von den Bergen bis zum Meer
nirgends fand ich einen Ort so schön, wie mein Dörfchen an der Lahn.

Dietkirchen meine Heimat!
Bin ich auch in weiter Ferne, an dich denk ich stets zurück, an dich denk ich stets zurück.

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