Dietkirchen association list

This page is giving an overview of the associations, groupings and parties in Dietkirchen.

name of the association abbr. Chairman respectively responsible or contact partner

regular rehearses/meetings/
dates/opening times

Working group of children and youth in the village   Andreas Schwickert    
Well Brewers   Andreas Schwickert and

Local federation Dietkirchen


Elke Fehr    
Dickerischer Maat   Bernhard Eufinger    
"Die Grünen" Dietkirchen   Andreas Pötz    
Parents initiative "Playground at the Bummert   Andreas Schwickert    
Voluntary fire-brigade Dietkirchen   Michael Pötz    
Soccer   Mathias Ettingshausen    
Community of interests of nature and bird friends Dietkirchen   Wolfgang Burggraf
Georg Meurer
Andreas Pötz
Youth fire-brigade Dietkirchen   Sigrun Weimer Monday every 2 weeks 06.00 PM  
Youth room   Tobias Jeuck Monday, Thursday, Sunday
07.00-10.00 PM
KAB Dietkirchen   Heinz Erbach    
Catholic public library     Wednesday and
04.00-05.30 PM
Catholic Woman Community Dietkirchen KFD Angela Hahn    
Kindergarten Dietkirchen KiGa Sandra Türk    
Man singing association "Liederkranz 1900 e.V." Dietkirchen MGV Liederkranz Hans-Dieter Keuter Monday
07.30 PM
Fruit and horticulture association Dietkirchen   Brigitte Sittel    
Singer choir "Cäcilia" of the Lubentius Church Dietkirchen Cäcilia Willibald Muth Wednesday
08.00 PM
Shooters association Dietkirchen 1929/60 e.V.   Theo Jeuck
Senior club St. Lubentius Dietkirchen   Eva Erbach    
Local federation Dietkirchen
SPD Helmut Egenolf    
Playgroup Dietkirchen   Andrea Lindenzweig    
Dancing group "The People"   Zehra Sahic Monday
07.00 PM
Dancing group "Lolipop"     Wednesday
04.30 PM
Dancing group "Happy for ever"     Wednesday
05.30 PM
Dancing group "Amaris"     Wednesday
06.30 PM
Dancing group "Cotura"     Thursday
06.30 PM
Amateur play group within TuS        
Turn- und Sportverein 1911 e.V. Dietkirchen


Gerhard Edel    
Gymnastics   Christine Schmitt    
Table tennis   Mario Iltisberger Tuesday
06.00 PM 9-13 years
07.00 PM 13 years and elder
Singing group for children St. Lubentius   Dorothea Schwickert Thursday from 03-03.45 PM in the catholic community center  
Social federation VdK
Local federation Dietkirchen
VdK Heinz Erbach    
Association ring for the promotion of the village community of Dietkirchen eV.   Kurt van der Burg    
Association ring carneval Dietkirchen   Albert Keller    
Adornement association Dietkirchen   Hans Albert    
Walking friends of the TuS   Karl-Heinz Flach