Short information about Dietkirchen

The foundation of the cathedral goes back into the time before 840. In the middle of a quiet well-groomed park-similar graveyard, one meets at a church-construction, that is embossed from one for the time of the architecture typical weight of the components and generally cubic massiveness, whereof only the interior room itself is able to release himself here and there. The entitlement of the architecture as well as the quality of the interior reminds still today at the important church-political role of the cathedral as well as the role of the Archidiakonats.
River Lahn ferry

Already between 1048 and 1098, a Lahn ferry is mentioned in Dietkirchen. The ferry operation was stopped in 1959. As a substituion, a 145 m long and 3,3 m wide bicycle- and foot-bridge of wood was built in 1989. The bike ways R7 and R8 meet at this bridge.

In the area of the Ems-river estuary, there is a ford in the Lahn. The imperial Federal-mail used this embankment and contributed to it that the name "Postmauer" which means "mail-wall"  is still alive until today.


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