Singers Choir "Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen 

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Choir directors
Children-/Youth choir

*    135 years of Singers choir "Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen - Ceremony book from 1974
*    private archive NNP Ludwig Ries/Dietkirchen
*    private archive Rund um die Domstadt Ludwig Ries/Dietkirchen


1262 Document with the establishing of the distribution of wheat on certain days among others to eg. the canons
1328 Disposal of the distribution of breads at " ...the residing prelates, canons, just as those, that serves God day and night in the Horen (prayer-hours) ..."
1804 Entry in the cash register book of the canon covers bill for " ..8 florins (guilder) for the recreation of 12 choir singers for their efforts through the year " (by that the existence of church canon singing could be seen)
1803-1810 further care of the Gregorian choir-chant by canon and country-dean Johannes Hubert Römer with the organists Johannes Wahl and Johann Heinemann 
1821 Publication of a " Katholisches Gebeth - und Gesangbuch (Katholic Prayer and Songbook) ... published from some ministers of the Dietkirchen country-chapter in the Herzogthum Nassau ".
in which is contained also German songs besides Latin songs.


valued foundation-date of the choir
1840 Amount of 16 florins, deported in the yearly invoice of the Dietkirchen church-community, for the male and female choirs under management of the organist and schoolteacher Mergenthal 
1919 Offer is refused on erection of an assorted choir
29.10.1938 Decision to the event of a party to the 100-year old existence of the club
1939 Century-celebration of the club
1948 equally entitle membership for women, since then exclusively assorted choir.
12.06.-20.06.1970 Trip to Rom of the club with audience with pope Paul VI.
29.04.-01.05.1972 Trip to Holland
27.06.-29.06.1964 125 year-ceremonies
19.05.1974 Grade singing in Heringen
01.06.-04.06.1974 Trip to Oudenburg/Belgien, musical design of the church service and the partnership ceremony 
21.06.1974-24.06.1974 Jubilee-celebration 135 years Singers choir "Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen 
1. day - choir-celebration with ceremony act, 10 choirs, Limburg wind-instrument orchestra
2. day - Group singing of the group III of the singer-circle with 13 choirs 
3. day - Grade singing (in the morning) 11 choirs, Freundschaftssingen (in the afternoon) 13 choirs, 
4. day - morning drinks, children fun activities, dance in the marquee
20.10.1974 Deanship singing in Dietkirchen
1989 Margot Gröpl, active singer of the club becomes Limburger carnival-princess
13.05.-15.05.1989 150-year old existence of the singer-choir " Cäcilia " 
1. day - choir-concert of the group III 14 choirs 
2. day - Grade singing (in the morning) 7 choirs, friendship singing (in the afternoon) 7 choirs, more saturated evening 
3. day - Germany-meetings of the Courtial trip-guests with almost 2000 visitors
1990 Organist Elisabeth Löhr finishes her musical work
09.11.1990 Festive concert with the participation of 50 cathedral choir-masters from the USA, Singing Friends " Pohlheim ", " Young choir " Lindenholzhausen, chamber-orchestras of the Army Big Band of the armed forces near Düsseldorf 
08.11.1992 Performance of the "Harmoniemesse" in B-major of Joseph Haydn as of the 25-year conductors jubilee of Elmar Schachl with the singer-choir "Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen with symphony-orchestra of the Limburger district music-school, singer-choir " Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen and 4 soloists.
1993 Concert and pilgrim-trip to Israel with appearances among others in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
1993 One-week visit of the " Male Voice Choir " from the English Dursley
29.05.1994 Lubentius pilgrimage at Holy Trintity, Missa in B-major of Franz Schubert and "Die Himmel erzählen (The heaven tells)" from Joseph Haydn with the symphony-orchestra of the Limburg district music-school, 1 soloists and 1 organists
1994 Presentation of the national honouring letter to 4 club-members for their honorary commitment for the club
26.05.-27.05.1996 Codesigning of the 25 year of celebration of the partnership with Oudenburg 
1996 Pre Christmas concert with the Limburg district music-school, sheet metal-blower-ensemble, string-orchestras, 2 soloists, Dauborner guitar-circle, Bad Camberg guitar-playing-circle, saxophone-quartet, flute-orchestra
1997 Concerts in England
1997 Alfons Faßbender, long-time vice-conductor is honored for 75 years uniting regret
07.06.1998 Missa Coronation, Missa in CS, KV317, from W. A. Mozart in the high mass on the Holy Trinity Day.
29.08.-04.09.1998 Trip to Rom
08.08.1998 Start of a 10-headed bike team to Rome, mainly existing of club-members of the singer-choir " Cäcilia" of the Lubentiuskirche Dietkirchen 
06.09.1998 Co-organisation of the church service to the introduction of the new municipality sister, sister Bernardia
29.08.1998 Arrival of the bike team in Rome, private-audience with pope Johannes Paul II.
30.05.1999 Lubentius pilgrimage at Holy Trinity Day, Missa brevis in B-major of Joseph Haydn, small organ-solo-mass, and " Benedictus sit " of W. A. Mozart, 1 soloists and 1 organists 
14.11.1999 Concert to the 160-year old existence of the choir with an orchestra of the student of the Johannes Gutenberg university Mainz and students of the
district-music-school as well as a soloist quartet.
Performed was "42nd Psalm" from Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy, missa in B D 324 from Franz Schubert and "The Lord is my shepherd" from John Rutter. 
27.05.2000 Participation in the group singing in the framework of the celebration of the 100- years MGV Liederkranz 
01.06.2000 Event of the first yard of the parsonage celebration in parish-barn, parish-cellars and parish-yard 
18.06.2000 Lubentius pilgrimage at the Holy Trinity Day, Missa in B-major of Franz Schubert for choir, soloists and orchestras and "sing the Lord" of Johann Pachelbel, 4 soloists and 1 organists 
22.10.2000 Participation at the church-concert of the MGV Liederkranz to the conclusion of their  jubilee-year 
2001 Holy Trinity Day, Petite Messe solennelle from Gioacchino Rossini with grand piano and harmonium and a soloist quartett. Grand piano: Uta Krause, Harmonium: Michael Demel, Sopran: Yvonne Zimmermann, Alt: Carina Schmidt-Albrecht, Tenor: Johannes Albrecht, Baß: Thomas Wagner
2001 Participation on the festival concert regarding the 75 year existance of the Church choir of Dehrn.

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Chairperson from to
Schmitt V. Heinrich 1909 1912
Wagner Heinrich 1912 1913
Schmitt V. Heinrich 1913 1923
Schmitt Johann Phillip 1924 1928
Pötz Theodor 1929 01.11.1933
Faßbender Johann 1933 31.12.1944
Muth Jakob 1946 1947
Pötz Theodor 05.01.1947 15.01.1972
Gröpl Helmut 15.01.1972 1990
Muth Willibald 1990 dato

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Choir directors

Mergenthaler Josef Teachers and organist 24.04.1862
Jäger Matthias Teachers  15.11.1871
Löhr Josef Teachers  15.11.1871 31.07.1902
Löhr Hermann Teachers (mainly church choir) 01.08.1902 16.08.1941
Hecker Josef Main-teachers (terrestrial singing) 1937 1940
Hecker Josef Main-teachers (terrestrial singing) 1946 1947
Löhr Elisabeth 1941 1947
Bröckers Mathias Organist 01.09.1947 Weihnachten 1947
Löhr Elisabeth Organist Weihnachten 1947 28.04.1948
Seidel Fritz Secondary school teacher 29.04.1948 17.03.1966
Altmann Kurt Cantor of the Ev. Church Limburg 17.03.1996 28.06.1967
Schachl Elmar Teachers in non-classical secondary school 28.06.1967


Pabst Christoph Secondary school teacher


Albrecht Johannes study junior lawyer 1998 dato

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Children-/Youth sing group

03.02.1969 Foundation of the children-/youth sing group with 30 boys and 44 girls 
25.06.1969 First-appearance in the Pentecost high mass
29.06.1969 Meetings of the singer-boys and -girls in the cathedral in Limburg
27.07.1969 Traveling-day of the children, Eiserne Hand in the Taunus, through Taunus until Niedernhausen 
14.12.1969 Participation with the elderly-day
20.12.1969 Children make music to the Advent
04.01.1970 Christmas likely evening-music
08.02.1970 Performance of the St. Hildegard mass to the anniversary of the foundation of the children-/youth choir 
13.09.1970 Group singing in Heringen with participation of the Kinderschola 
28.11.1970 Participation at the concert of the MGV Liederkranz 
24.12.1970 Co-organisation of the Chistmas Night mass
01.05.-02.05.1970 May Walking to Glashütten, Feldberg Youth Hostel, Bad Homburg, Saalburg
18.07.1971 New children mass in B " we children comes to you " 
12.12.1971 Advent-church service
15.04.1972 Participation with the inauguration of the kindergarten 
01.07.-02.07.1972 Walking/bus trip, Ruppertsklamm, Arzheim, Koblenz, Ahrenberg, Neuhäusl
09.07.1972 children-/youth choir makes music and sings in the church service
03.12.1972 Advent-chants in the high-mass
15.12.1972 Nicholas-celebration of the children with slide show 
15.12.1972 foundation of the Dietkirchen flute-circle
27.05.1973 New mass " at the table of the Lord " accompanyd on instrumentals
Trip to Belgium, formation of the Pentecost church service by the children-/youth sing group and flute-circle, welcome in the town hall, concert in the retirement home,
30.09.1973 children-/youth sing group and choir: songs to the blessing of the parish-home
06.10.1973 Youth sings and makes music in Würges/Ts., with 3 horns of the Limburger youth brass band 
02.12.1973 Minister music to the 4. Advent, Christmas story of Karl Orff,

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