Detailed information about Dietkirchen 

Prehistoric Time
From the time of the Teutons up to today's day the knowledge has been kept of a heathen cult place at the lime rock in Dietkirchen. Once this place was called "Hain". It was foremost the first in it's nature in the "Lahngau" which is the area around the river Lahn. Here one tended to hold court. The "Reckenforst", the judicial meeting place, was situated in direct proximity. This place is already mentioned documentary 1217. An alternate name of this place is also "Thing". This expression is also used for the meeting itself.
First documentary mentioning

Dietkirchen is mentioned documentary for the first time in the year 841. The village itself  however is older. A low aristocracy nobility: "Die Dietkirchener Herren" was resident here.

In the history of the village the christianisation of the Lahn area and the former Lubentiusstift takes a specific role. With the christianisation of Dietkirchen one states again and again, Lubentius has been a missionary there. This view is false. The startup of the Christianity at the Lahn goes back approximately to the 6th up to the end of the 7th Century. In this period probably the establishment of the village might be situated. 
Lubentius cathedral
The foundation of the Lubentiusstift is to be dated in the year 841. In the romanesque cathedral the bones of St. Lubentius rests, around which many legends are formed. Probably the mortal remnants were already transferred before 841 from Kobern at the Mosel to Dietkirchen. During  the secularization the "Stift" was in it's full charisma. The parish counted about 425 souls at this time.
River Lahn Ferry
The Lahn ferry in Dietkirchen is already mentioned between 1048 and 1098. The operation of this ferry was a leaning right. The ferry service was stopped in 1959. As a substitution 1989 a 145.0 meters long and a 3.30 meters broad wooden made bike and foot bridge was  built underneath the lime rock.
Dietkircher Market
To the local history also the Dietkircher market belongs. The first startings are not to be dated anymore. Probably they are situated in the high Middle Ages. From near and far in former times the visitors came to the market attendance. Since some years the historical market operation revived again (see also link on main menu "Dickerischer Maat".
By wartime situations the village did not remain spared in the passed centuries. In the first World War near Dietkirchen a prisoner-of-war (POW) camp was created . Today a war grave place is in the proximity of the former location of the camp.
Dietkirchen as a suburb of Limburg
1971 municipality gave up their independence and Dietkirchen was incorporated to Limburg as the first of the surrounding places. That suburb has 1724 inhabitants after status 97/98.

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